Monday, 18 May 2015

Definition of an End to End Service

I often describe Hybrid-IT and Service Integration and Management (SIAM) as models that can deliver end to end services usually from a multi-sourced supply chain, made up of in-house, hosted and cloud service providers.

End to end services are not a new idea, however, they are an important concept that needs to be understood in order to help suppliers and IT organisations work out how they can create best of breed high value services from component or discreet services using suppliers of their choice.

I have developed a definition of an end to end service which I feel is a good start point and seems to be generally applicable to the clients I have worked with.

My Definition of an End to End Service

An end to end service is defined as: 

“A service whose boundary is viewed as the whole service from the point of service request until the entire value that service can deliver is realised by the requester of the service”.


"An end to end service may be made up of one or more component services."

"An end to end service may rely on service delivery from one or more service providers."